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Vacation Mailboxes

Sun City West Metal Club members volunteer their time and expertise to manufacture vacation security mailboxes periodically throughout the year. Vacation Security mailboxes offer customers a safe, locked mailbox with a removable metal insert that allows mail to accumulate in a locked compartment for lengthy periods of time. An insert plate at the bottom of the mailbox can be unlocked and removed to retrieve the accumulated mail.

Mailboxes are powder-coated for weather resistance in beige or black color.

Mailbox color choices: Beige or Black

Mailbox Flags choices: Traditional Flag, Cactus, Coyote, Kokopelli

Pricing: $230 for mailbox (includes mailbox flag listed above)

Club Installation: $40 cash only paid at time of installation – Date/time of installation arranged directly with installer

Mailbox parts are available for sale (lock sets, flags, drop insert trays, etc.). Repair work on mailboxes (depending upon the severity of damage) is available upon review.

All inquiries for mailboxes should be sent to ‘’.

Art Show Image

Vacation Security Mailbox (Beige or Black)

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Metal insert plate inside mailbox

Art Show Image

Metal insert plate removed allows
mail to accumulate in locked compartment

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